Monday, 12 September 2011

A Picture a day....

Today I have decided to try something new out.... a little project if you like.

The idea is to take a photo a day of anything at all and after a couple of months i can look back at the album i have created and see what i have been seeing.
You will be amazed what you can learn about yourself, your thoughts and feelings.

I have tried this before about 6years ago where i would take a photo of myself everyday and after 3 months i looked at all the pictures and was amazed how much i changed on a daily basis and after a few months.
My weight would go up or down, how my hair changed, my looks, etc.... You would be surprised how much we as humans change on a daily basis.

So this is like a from of that project.

It's just a bit of fun.... Let's see where it goes, or how creative i can get.....

I will be posting most the pictures on Google + so please do feel free to have a look if you are interested.

Today's picture is of Welling Train station, whilst waiting for a train back to Greenwich...

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Yummy Food

Ive been meaning to start this Blog for over a year now!

I've had many different stories and thoughts i have wanted to share....... Somehow i have stopped and started so many times.

Keep thinking how to i start my first Blog? What do i write about? Which story or thought first???

So.. I've decided to go in a completely different direction. My first blog is going to be about ....some yummy food :-)

I love cooking and baking. Its one of my most favourite things to do and always relaxes me if I'm stressed. Ive never been a creative person that can sit down and draw a beautiful picture, or paint or design something. I might have a lot of ideas in my mind, but i can never put them to paper.
However cooking, allows me to express myself. The kitchen is where i feel my most confident.  I love trying out new recipes, or adding my own herbs and combinations together.

So what better why to start a Blog.......than to write about something you love.... :-)

I will be sharing some of my favourite recipes i have found along the way and share with you some of the meals i have cooked.

Well I'm still very new this this blogging thing, i will hopefully get better at it as i go along :-)

So the first recipe i will be sharing with you is one of my boyfriends favourite meals.....he loves it so much, he always asks me to make double the amount.........

Madras Beef Curry with Spicy Rice:

Its a hot and spicy curry. You leave the beef on to simmer for an hour and a half. Its a slow cook.
But as its cooking, the house fills up with the most delicious smells. By the time, its done cooking, you are drooling and looking forward to tucking in.

But with this recipe, i usually also add some paprika and cayenne pepper and some turmeric to give it extra flavour.

You basically frying beef, onions, chillies, ginger, garlic and then add some Madras Curry paste (you can buy at most supermarkets) and beef stock and let it simmer for and hour and a half so the flavours can come alive.

As for the rice, i like to use brown rice. I prefer the texture and the crunch it has , as opposed to white rice.
Fry some onions, garlic, add some coriander,peppers,chillies, and spices of your choice,and then some beef stock.
Let it simmer for 20mins or until all the stock has been absorbed.

Then add a couple spoonfuls of rice to the bowl, add your beef curry, sprinkle some fresh coriander on top and ENJOY!!

So easy and yet so good.

The picture below is the curry i made.....there was none left....always a good sign