Monday, 12 September 2011

A Picture a day....

Today I have decided to try something new out.... a little project if you like.

The idea is to take a photo a day of anything at all and after a couple of months i can look back at the album i have created and see what i have been seeing.
You will be amazed what you can learn about yourself, your thoughts and feelings.

I have tried this before about 6years ago where i would take a photo of myself everyday and after 3 months i looked at all the pictures and was amazed how much i changed on a daily basis and after a few months.
My weight would go up or down, how my hair changed, my looks, etc.... You would be surprised how much we as humans change on a daily basis.

So this is like a from of that project.

It's just a bit of fun.... Let's see where it goes, or how creative i can get.....

I will be posting most the pictures on Google + so please do feel free to have a look if you are interested.

Today's picture is of Welling Train station, whilst waiting for a train back to Greenwich...

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